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Sailor Cemetery (Inactive)
(Elkhart County)
North side of CR 32, 1/4 mile west of CR 3
Indiana USA
Located on the north side of county road 32, approximately 600 feet west of County Road 3, in Olive township, just east of the small bridge which spans to Baugo Creek.
Stones copied March 1, 1985 by Ivan Nunemaker and Dean Garber. All stones found were broken and all had to be dug up as the cemetery had been bull-dozed over and the stones pushed to the edge of County Road 32, to make room to erect a poultry house. Roscoe Schrock was born and raised just west of this and at the time of copying, Roscoe was then 90 years of age. He told us he believed there were approximately 12 graves at this site and they had already fallen over when he was a child and played near this site. It is possible that there are other stones which were not unearthed at the time, copying those stones which had been located.
Eight other pieces of stone were found without any sign of any inscription. They also did not fit with any of the listed names or go with any of the other stones, so it is possible that there are at least 7 other burials at this site.