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Saint John of the Cross Episcopal Church Cemetery
(Elkhart County)
601 E. Vistula
Bristol, Indiana 46507 USA
The first burial in St. John's Cemetery was that of Abby S. Danolds on August 16, 1843. At that time, the church had not yet been built, as the cornerstone was not laid until December 29, 1843. Since that time, St. John's has been the final resting place of one Veteran of the Mexican War, Mr. Paul Dussel, Co. B 4th Ohio Volunteers. At least 11 Civil War Veterans are buried here: Cyrus F. Mosier, Lieut. Co. F. & E 12th and 55th D. 118th Ind Volunteers, William Caldwell, Westley W. Wilson in Co. E 4th Ind. Calvalry, Hartley Boswell in Co. E 2nd Mich. Infantry, Samuel Sanders in Co. I, 88th Ind. Infantry, Charles Seibert, H.S. Wright, James congdon, Darwin Johnson in Co. I. 88th Ind. Infantry, Horatio Selby and Rev. Weldlington Forgus. 
There are also two Spanish-American veterans buried here, Harry Gould Sanger and Harry L. Bennett of the U.S. Marines. Also two veterans of World War I, Earl Floyd and Arthur Salisbury. 
Rev. W. Forgus was Rector of the Parish from 1873 until his death on Oct. 18, 1876. It is of interest to find in the Parish register, a record of the marriage on Oct. 5, 1876 of David B. Knight and Susan Cook. The ceremony performed by Rev. Forgus, just 13 days before his death. Rev. Forgus's wife, Anna Evans Forgus is also buried alongside. 
There is also buried in the churchyard, one other former Rector of the Parish, Rev. Henry S. Streeter and his wife Anna Greenleaf Selby, alongside her parents, Horation T. and Catharine Scott Selby. 
There are five foreign born residents who are buried here. Catharine Selby born in Ireland. Three from England, Kate Drawbridge, Cole Mann and Samuel Sanders who is also a veteran of the Civil War. Two from Germany, John Frederic Menger and Elizabeth Fospende Bohrer. 
Anna Jeanette Burnham Judson, who was instrumental in the founding of the Parish and construction of the church, is also buried here as is her husand Samuel P. Judson, who donated the land on which he is now buried, to the church. 
There are many members of the Mosier, Judson, Milburn and Congdon families buried here. George Milburn, who was a leading Horticulturist of Elkhart County lies here, as does Henry Hanford, who was one of the first wardens of the church. Also Joseph H. Gregory was Sr. warden at the time of his death in 1850.  
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