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Sugar Grove Cemetery
(Elkhart County)
Old CR 17
Elkhart, Indiana USA
Located on the east side of Old CR17 and just north of the junction with CR118 in Concord township, Elkhart County, Indiana. It is claimed that this was called Swinehart cemetery before the name of Sugar Grove came into use. 
In the early 1940's a samll tornado struck through the cemetery and destroyed markers in the cemetery. These were replaced as close as possible to their original locations. Becasue no records were being kept of the burials at that time, some were not replaced on the proper site. At this time the rows became altered and 18 rows are now found in Section 1 instead of 16 as the 1911 plat of the lot owners shows. By comparing names of the lot owners and burials, there is a noted difference. 
A new nondenominational church building was erected in 1978 at the south edge of Section I. The old church building, (formerly a part of the Brethren denomination) was located in front of Section 2. The old one-room brick school was located at the southwest corner of Section 1. The school was bought by the church and used for their purposes. In 1985, the new church building was added onto and at is completion, the old church building and school was demolished in October of 1985. 
The cemetery is divided into 4 Sections, with Sections 3 and 4 only partially filled. Markers originally copied August 2, 1980. All rows are numbered from west to east, while the markers are numbered from north to south. Cemetery was rechecked Nov. 24, 1987. 
Sugar Grove Cemetery