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Terwilliger Cemetery
(Elkhart County)
.30311 County Road 130
Elkhart, Indiana USA
Located on the north side of County Road 130, west of County Road 1 in Olive Township, on top of a knoll, approximately 700 feet north of the road. Located in a woods and beside the old road which went thru the Terwilliger property. This road is now a lane on the farm. The cemetery is almost destroyed, with only 5 good stones remaining. The rest are broken and scattered about the site. Copied by Brown and Garber, August 16, 1975 . We walked by this cemetery 4 times and did not see it because of the undrebrush and weeds, even though we were within 4 feet of it each time .We  searched for two hours before we were able to locate it . It, at one time, had a fence around it and part was enclosed with a pipe railing.
This cemetery is located on the Cornelius Terwilliger farm. Mr Terwilliger settled in section 10, Olive township in 1836. He helped to organize Olive township along with Jacob Sailor, Frederick Morris, Samuel and Levi Martin and David Allen. Cornelius Terwilliger served as the first Justice of the Peace in Olive township.