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Yellow Creek Brick Cemetery
(Elkhart County)
64901 CR 11
Goshen, Indiana 46526 USA
(574) 862-2595
Located on the northwest corner of County Roads 11 and 38 in Harrison township. There are 2 sections on the south side of the Mennonite Church with drives running east to west thru each section. One large section on the north side of the church with drives also going east to west. Each section was copied from east to west, with the rows copied from south to north. Originally copied August 13, 1977 by the Elkhart County Genealogical Society. Updated in November of 1987. 
Across from Yellow Creek Frame Cemetery
"In 1912 the Yellow Creek Brick church was built just north of the Frame church and the two groups now had their own home. Shortly thereafter, the Old Order Mennonites separated from the Wisler group and they continued to share the same church building until such time when the Old Order Mennonites built their own building just west of the Frame church and across the road. Today, Yellow Creek Frame Cemetery is used by both Wisler and Old Order Mennonite groups. There are some instances where Brethren and members of the Yellow Creek Mennonite Brick church are interred there as well. The cemetery is now divided at the north-south drive only for the care and oversight purposes. One does find burials from the Old Order group in rows 1 through 15 due to family plots. There appears to be much cooperation among the Mennonite groups that go even beyond the cemetery. The members may be separate in their daily lives, but united as one in faith. Burial practices differ between the Wisler and Old Order group in that the Old Order Group use only wooden vaults and cement vaults are typically used by the Wisler group."