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Cathcart Cemetery (Inactive)
(Elkhart County)
304 W. Vistula
Bristol, Indiana 46507 USA
Located near the river bank behind the Cathcart home, which is beside the Old Bristol School, now the home of the Elkhart County Historical Society Museum. It is enclosed by a white picket fence, but the cemetery was larger, as a monument base is found several feet outside of this boundary fence. Copied October 1968 by L.E. and Reah McGaffey and rechecked in 1986 by Dean Garber. There were several stone fragments found by Ivan Nunemaker in 1986 and these people are listed on the newer monuments markers. It is unknown how many were actually buried in this cemetery. 
N41.72280 W85.82000
Cathcart Cemetery, in the park near the river behind the Elkhart Co. Rush Museum.
Cathcart Cemetery entrance. Holds graves of Cathcarts, Nicholson and others.
New stones were erected, most of the old ones were badly damaged.
A couple of the older stones
This is the new Nicholson stone, the other side is Cathcart