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Pine Creek Cemetery
County Road 20
Goshen, Indiana
(574) 535-9015
Located on the south side of CR20. This is the cemetery which lies to the far west end, west of the Pleasant View Mennonite Church. This is the higher ground. The rows from north to south. Many stones are eroded and thus an error could be made in deciphering the inscriptions. 
Oldest maker found was for Clarinda Riley, daughter of J. & S. Riley, who died at age 27 days on Feb. 17, 1838. Located in Section 1, row 4. Copied starting at the west side and rows from north to south. Copied by the Elkhart County Genealogical Society, August 2, 1980. Rechecked and updated, December 10, 1987. 
Maintained by the trustee of Jefferson township.  
N41.64530 W085.84750