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Burkett Cemetery
(Elkhart County)
CR 113
Elkhart, Indiana USA
Located on the west side of Country Rd. 113, approximately 500 feet back. About  1 1/2 acres in size, in two sections. It was started as a burial ground on the George Burkett farm in the late 1830's or in the early1840's
It is said to be the oldest German Baptist Cemetery in the County . George Burkett, Abraham Burkett, Henry Burkett, John Burkett and David Burkett, brothers owned land side by side in this section of Concord Township . Some have called this Kulp Cemetery because J.S. Kulp later owned this property in 1874. The members of the Fairview Grange, as a public service, have taken over care of this cemetery  some years ago . They have erected a stone at the entrance in the late 1970's calling this the "FRAME " Cemetery, because of the prominent Frame family which lived nearby and several are buried in this cemetery .
Many graves (240 are marked with wooden stakes which were placed in front of field stone markers. Oldest grave marker is for (ROS) -Mary E., daughter of A. G. and ? Stutzman, dying Sept. 12, 184? . This is located in row 3 . It is believed that some of the field stone markers are for some who were buried earlier. The last burial is for Ronald M. Braden, son of Wayne and Karen, dying Sept 27, 1982, aged 2 days. This is the first burial made since Ina Stauffer  1884- 1941 was laid to rest.
Copied starting at east side and all rows from north to south. Copied Aug 7, 1974 and rechecked Aug 21, 1987.
For any newer deaths please check our Cemetery Records scrolling to "Frame" Cemetery .