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Cripe Cemetery (Inactive)
(Elkhart County)
CR 29, between SR 4 and CR 34
Goshen, Indiana USA
Located on a small knoll, 100 feet west of County Road 29, a short distance north of County Road 34.  It was 110 feet by 120 fee in size, with 72 lots in the cemetery. This was founded on the Samuel Cripe farm. Only one large stone remains standing. All of the rest are lying on the ground and some are broken. Cattle have been allowed to pasture in this field for over 30 years. It was fenced in at one time but this has been gone for many years. Copied in 1981 by Mr. & Mrs. David Cripe, who are Cripe descendants. Fence has recently been put back up. 
The Cripe Cemetery is very small and well kept. It is fenced in and sits on a hill.