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Hire Cemetery
(Elkhart County)
N side of CR 148, 0.6 miles west of SR 13
Millersburg, Indiana USA
Hire Cemetery is located on the north side of County Road 148, about 1/2 mile east of US33, in Benton township, Section 22,. this is one of the early cemeteries in the county. The area was settled in the early 1830's, with many of the early settlers coming here from Ohio. Many had Virginia or Maryland family connections. Originally there was a church located at this site and was known as the Colclazer Chapel. A couple of miles south east of this location, in the 1870's the Richville Methodist Church was erected. Because of this newer church it was decided that the Chapel building was of no further use, so was discontinued. 
The oldest marker found is for John Hire, son of Jessie & D. Hire, who died in September of 1833, in his second year of age. 
The cemetery was copied by Florence S. Stauffer, Etna Green, Ind. in the fall of 1973. Started copying at east side. All rows were copied from north to south. Stones were rechecked in 1986 by Dean K. Garber, to complete some unreadable stones. 
Hire Cemetery