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McConaughy Farm Cemetery (Inactive)
(Elkhart County)
Ox-Bow Park, along the bank of the Elkhart River
Goshen, Indiana USA
  Located in Oxbow Park, at the southwest end of the bow of the Elkhart River, north of Co Rd 45. In the N.E. 1/4 section 26, township 37 N (from the records on file in the Recorders office at the County Court House in Goshen, Indiana cemetery number 18 ) This cemetery had 63 plots in it, according to the WPA records that were made in 1932. The stones that are left of this cemetery are at the present time (1983) stored in a building at the former County Poor Farm.
I, Dean K. Garber, in this year of 1983, believe that this cemetery was probably founded on land which may have been owned by George Keltner in 1846. Also, that its original name may have been Keltner Cemetery and that it started out as a family cemetery. See below for the owndership of this property, from 1861 to the present day. It is now owned by the Elkhart County Parks Department. 
1. In 1861 this land was ownded by R. Hartung, who settled in this township in the 1850's .
2. Also, in 1861 J. Keltner owned land adjoining this property in Sec 23, to the north. In 1861 J. Keltner made his will. The heir is listed as wife Kathy. Executaors were Daniel and James Keltner. ( Sons ?) Witnessed by John Irwin and W. H. Ellis.
3. By 1874, David Garver was the owner of this property .
4. By 1892, D. H . Jones was the owner
5. By 1915, Charles M. McConaughy has possession of this land. He was the son of Alexander and Jane Frier McConaughy. Jane was the daughter of James Frier, who settled on Elkhart Prairie south of Goshen, Indiana in 1830. James was the firtst County Assessor, but had to relinguish the office because he had not been naturalized. He took the oath soon after and he then held public office.
6. In the 1937 Plat book, the Charles McConaughy's were still owners of this property .
7. The 1956 Plat book shows that D. Blanch Sturble had taken over this property. The County Parks Department bought this land from the Struble family .