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Violett Cemetery
(Elkhart County)
Violett Road
Goshen, Indiana USA
John H. Violett, acquired this land from the U.S. Government in 1833 and the west section of Violett cemetery is bounded by the Elkhart River, while the east side is the Violett Road (County Road 23). The drives through the cemetery will serve as the boundary lines between the sections, as does the Elkhart River and Violett Road. 
The oldest grave marker we found is for James M. Violett, who died in 1839, although an infant brother died in 1832 and his grave is unmarked. 
Violett Cemetery, located on Violett Road, just south of Kercher Road and the Goshen Dam Pond, is named for the pioneer family that first owned the 40 plus acre property. The first known burial at Violett was in 1837, but local lore suggests that a Native American burial ground existed on the property prior to that. Another local legend suggests that the Underground Railroad passed through along the east bank of the Elkhart River. Violett was officially established as a cemetery sometime in the mid- to late 1800’s and passed to the City of Goshen in 1897. 
In late 2017, work was completed on a new cremation garden at Violett Cemetery.  This area was conceived to receive cremated human remains and commemorate the persons whose remains are placed here.  This garden offers several attractive choices for families.  There are small burial spaces for individual cremations.  A community columbarium has individual niches available for purchase.  Additionally, a planted scattering area provides a permanent, attractive location for a loved one’s ashes. 
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This is off Egbert St. entrance to Violett Cemetery