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New Paris Cemetery
(Elkhart County)
Market Street
New Paris, Indiana USA
New Paris cemetery is located at the east edge of New Paris on the south side of County Road 46 on Market Street in New Parris. It has not been found on whose property that this cemetery was founded. The oldest inscription was found to be for Rececca Clyde, daughter of William and Harriet Clyde, died July 3, 1841. There are other burials here in the 1840's. 
The first deed found was on March 4, 1853, from Israel Immel to the New Paris Citizens and County Commissioners. Other later deeds can be found. They are: 1892 from Henry Neff, 1893 Eve Immel, 1941 Melvin D. Neff, 1864, L. Paul Helman and 1980 from Wayne Moneyheffer. These deeds now make this cemetery 7 1/2 acres in size. 
On February 8, 1892 the first Cemetery Association meeting was held in order to set up the organization. Arthur Mackey was chosen for President, but he refused to serve because of his age. Thomas J. Harriman was then elected. It seems that Henry Neff wanted $145.00 per acre, so money was raised by subscription in order to purchase additional land. Lots were sold from $4.00 to $12.00 and this depended on the location of such lots. 
This cemetery was copied by Miriam Glanders, member of the Elkhart County Genealogy Society, in1974. This was started at the east side of the cemetery. Each row copied from North to South. She did not number each marker, therefore some families are given under one number instead of having a number for each marker. In Section B, she notes the road that goes east to west thru that section. This section is also copied from the east to west and rows going from north to south as do the other sections. Oldest inscription found is noted above. 
According to American Legion records, the following Veterans are buried in this cemetery: 
Beckner, Jacob U.      Section 1     Grave 4     Lot 126    Civil War
Deitch, David              Section 1     Grave 1     Lot 20     Mexican War
Macomber, Elijah A.   Section 1     Grave 2      Lot 28     Civil War
The cemetery was rechecked for corrections and additional burials in July and August of 1987. 
Latitude: 41.49951, Longitude: -85.82392
New Paris Cemetery
New Paris Cemetery Map