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Nisley Cemetery
(Elkhart County)
West side of CR35, 0.2 miles north of CR 34 in a field
Indiana USA
Localed on a knoll, in the middle of a pasture field, just west of County Road 35 and a short distance north of County Road 34, in Clinton Township. In 1862, Preacher John L. Miller, moved from Holmes county, Ohio to the farm on which the Nisely cemetery is located. This farm and care of the cemetery, which continues to be used by the Amish community, free of charge, has passed through five generations; John L. Miller, Joni Miller, Anna Nisley, Perry Nisley and Glen Nisley. There are no records showing when this cemetery was begun. About 30 graves are marked with fieldstone or concrete markers and these cannot be identified. The oldest marker in the cemetery is dated August 13, 1862, for the daughter of J. L. Miller, who died the first summer after the family arrived here from Ohio. In Holmes County, Ohio, the common practice has been to maintain a small burial plot on the family farm and this may have been the way the Nisley cemetery has begun. Some of the unmarked field stones may be older than the date of 1862 as the Amish had begun settling this township in 1841. Although it is known that some of the early graves found in the northeast corner of Clinton Union cemetery do belong to some of the early day settlers of Clinton Township. 
This cemetery was compiled by Daniel E. Hochstetler, a grandson of Samuel D. Hochstetler in Row #8. He began copying at the northwest corner and copied each row from north to south.