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Olive Cemetery
(Elkhart County)
Both sides of CR 3 , just north of CR 28
Indiana USA
Located on the southeast & southwest corners of County Road 3 and 28, in Olive township. copied in the summer of 1977 and 1979 by the Elkhart County Genealogy Society and Vicki Swartz. Updated, rechecked November 16, 1987. 
The old part on the east side was founded on the J.C. Dodge farm. Oldest marker is for Cornelious Dodge, son of James & Eliza Dodge. He died May 23, 1842. The east side is now known as Olive East. The older section on the west side of County Road 3 was founded on the Jacob Shaum property as well as where the church now stands. The first church was erected on this site in 1862 of frame construction. but Jacob Shaum did not deed the property to the Mennonites until November of 1872. Shaum Cemetery laid into lots in 1855 before the church was erected. 
Also known as Dodge Graveyeard and Shaum's Burial Ground
East Side
Olive Cemetery-West Entrance